Our Matcha


History & Culture

While it is easy to define matcha as simply “powdered green tea”, real matcha is the most labour intensive tea cultivated and produced only in Japan. It is historically associated with Japan’s unique tea-drinking practices dating back to the 16th century, and it still holds a big place in its culture.


Like coffee beans from different regions, matcha is available in different styles with a range of flavor profiles for various uses. The highest quality matcha is used for tea ceremonies, while other grades are for culinary use.

Our Matcha

Little Matcha Girl sources its green tea directly from an independent family farm just outside Kyoto, Japan. All our tea products are hand-plucked by skilled tea craftsmen, and are cultivated with minimal fertilisers and contain no additives.

Once the leaves are harvested, processed and stone-ground into a micron-fine powder, it is sent to us in small batches, ensuring matcha that is fresh, fragrant and intensely flavoured.